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What is WeFlip™?

WeFlip™ is our Premium done for you plan!

They are unique in that you have many more options and a higher level of performance. Most importantly, we do the work for you! You can simply tell us what you need and wait for the professional outcome. It’s that simple, and that worthwhile!

What are Some Benefits of a WeFlip™ FlipBook?

  • More realistic page-turn effect
  • More highly customizable toolbars and themes for your FlipBook backdrop
  • The ability to add a Voice Assistant to provide a pre-recorded message or read the page.
  • The ability to add a functional MP3 Player with a playlist or background music that will play across pages of the FlipBook.
  • WeFlip™ FlipBooks automatically include the Advanced Plan on our Flip-A-Doc analytics software.
    • The Advanced plan includes session replay, heatmap, and goal tracking so that you can make better decisions about your WeFlip™ FlipBooks and your related marketing plans (if applicable).
  • WeFlip™ FlipBooks are not required to be hosted with us. You may request to have the FlipBook installed on another site. If you choose to have your WeFlip™ FlipBook hosted with us, you will enjoy the same hosting benefits as the YouFlip™ 5 Plan for $7.99/month.
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