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What are some enhancements that can be added to FlipBooks?

The list of enhancements include the following:

  • Popup Photos (on click) (WeFlip™ only)
  • Hyperlinks (go to an external webpage, another page in your FlipBook, etc) (YouFlip™ or WeFlip™)
  • Video Embed (YouTube, Vimeo, or upload your own) (YouFlip™ or WeFlip™)
  • Shopping Cart (WeFlip™ only)
  • Music Player (WeFlip™ only)
    • YouFlip™ allows for background music (MP3) to be added to individual FlipBooks
  • Photo Slideshow (YouFlip™ or WeFlip™)
  • “HotSpot” cues (YouFlip™ or WeFlip™)
  • Add custom JS (WeFlip™ only), Pixel Code or Google Analytics code (YouFlip™ or WeFlip™)
  • Custom Pages (YouFlip™ or WeFlip™)
  • Custom Table of Contents (YouFlip™ or WeFlip™)
  • …and more
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